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Chicago Woman claims she was battered by the Chicago Police.

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Chicago Police Misconduct occurs on a regular basis. If you or someone you love has been the victim of Chicago Police Brutality it is important that you contact a Chicago Civil Rights lawyer to protect your rights.

Chicago – I was grabbed and threw to the floor or to the ground, Jemeka Neil said. It was so many officers that can out of nowhere and they were beating me.

Neil said police chased her and a companion, then beat both of them up. Now she wants justice.

Did the police over-react in this case? Neil said there’s no doubt in her mind.

It’s been about ten days since Jameka Neil said some Chicago police officers over on the West Side beat her so badly, that when FOX Chicago News talked to her Friday, she still had black eyes.

“I’m steady screaming, Im a girl – I’m a girl! They were stomping and beating me with flash lights before I knew it my face was so swollen, Neil said.

She said Chicago cops left her with scars and bruises.

“They were prejudiced, Neil said. They were calling me d*** b****, black b****. They didn’t give me a chance they really didn’t say anything.”

She said her friend was driving on Wednesday, Oct. 12, when an unmarked car near Kedzie and Huron bumped their vehicle. Neil said that happened on the West Side about midnight. They were afraid and sped away.

She said that car flashed its lights several blocks down and they soon realized it was the police.

Four African Americans were in the car with her. When they were told to get out their vehicle, Neil said, she was hit with a fist, police sticks and guns.

I was scared to death, Neil said. I thought I was going to die.” Neil and her attorneys are calling for an investigation into what happened. They said all of the officers on the scene that night were white and the victims African American. They want the officers stripped of their police powers, and instead of their client being charged with battery, they said those officers should be charged.


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