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Chicago Civil Rights Lawyers | Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

Chicago Police Misconduct Lawyer Michael P. Schmiege represents individuals who are victims of police misconduct and civil rights violations. It is important that your hire an experienced Chicago Civil Rights Attorney to represent you in your claim of misconduct against the police. The United States Constitution and state and federal laws protect individuals from Chicago Police Misconduct.

Chicago Police Misconduct Lawyers in Illinois

Chicago Police Brutality Lawyer and Chicago Civil Rights Lawyer Michael Schmiege represents individuals whose civil rights have been violated by the Chicago Police and other law enforcement and government officials in the following areas:

If you or a loved one are the vicitm of Chicago police misconduct or civil rights violations it is important that you contact an experienced Chicago Police Misconduct Lawyer or Chicago Civil Rights Lawyer today. Call our Chicago Civil Rights law firm at 312-626-2121 for a free consultation.

Chicago Civil Rights Lawyer  Michael P. Schmiege litigates cases involving police misconduct, police brutality and civil rights violations throughout Illinois including the cities and Counties of Chicago, Cook County, DuPage, Will, and Lake as well as cities and counties all throughout Illinois.

Often times a civil rights violation / Chicago police misconduct case will result from an arrest. If you have been arrested it is important that you contact an experienced Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer at once. Contact Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Michael P. Schmiege for a free consultation on your criminal case or police misconduct case.