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Failure To Intervene

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Are you or a loved on a victim of police brutality? Did you know that you could possibly have a case against police officers if they fail to intervene and stop the abuse or police brutality? When people who are victimized by police officers begin seeking justice, they usually focus on filing a claim against the police officer who is physically responsible for the abuse or misconduct. In reality, any police officer who was present when you are being abused may be held responsible for their lack of action. A Chicago Police Misconduct Lawyer can help you if this happened.

Law enforcement officers are all responsible for protecting citizens from any danger, this includes the dangers presented by other police officers. Any law enforcement officer who witnesses the constitutional and civil rights of another citizen being violated must do what they can to stop the violation from occurring. However, when a law enforcement officer does not protect a citizen from the actions of another police officer they can be held liable for failing to intervene and they can be liable in a civil rights lawsuit filed by a Chicago Civil Rights Attorney.

After a person has become the victim of police brutality or police misconduct, one of their first actions is to contact the police department directly. Unfortunately, some police departments may ignore the claims or dismiss them by implying that the victim was at fault or did something to deserve their mistreatment. If you have unsuccessfully attempted to resolve the situation by contacting the police officer’s superiors, it may be time to seek professional legal representation – contact a Chicago Police Misconduct Lawyer.

Chicago Civil Rights Attorney  – Chicago Police Misconduct Lawyer

In your case for violation of your civil rights – against police officers and agencies, we will look beyond the officer who is alleged to have violated the rights of the and attempt to bring a the department or additional officers into the suit based on their failure to intervene in the stopping of police misconduct or police abuse. Additional officers can be brought in where their acts or omissions can be connected to your injury. The police department can only be added where there is some policy, custom or failure in training, supervision or discipline that leads to the constitutional violation. This is typically called a Monell claim and can be filed by a Chicago Civil Rights Attorney.

Chicago Police Misconduct Lawyer Michael Schmiege will listen to the details of your unique situation, and help you explore all of your available options. We understand that confronting law enforcement officials when your civil rights have been violated is a stressful, and intimidating, experience. It is difficult to know when, and how, to pursue a claim and Chicago Civil Rights Attorney Michael Schmiege will guide you through this process and help you make a decision that is best for you.

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If you or a loved one are the victim of Chicago police misconduct or Chicago civil rights violations it is important that you contact us today. Call us at 312-626-2121 for a free consultation at our Chicago Civil Rights Law Firm. During your consultation our law firm will help decide what course of action is best for you and your hopes of receiving the compensation that you deserve.

Chicago Police Misconduct Lawyer Michael P. Schmiege litigates cases involving police misconduct throughout Illinois including the cities and Counties of Chicago, Cook County, DuPage, Will, and Lake as well as cities and counties all throughout Illinois.

Often times a civil rights / police misconduct case will result from an arrest. If you have been arrested it is important that you contact an experienced Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer at once. Contact Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Michael P. Schmiege for a free consultation on your criminal case or police misconduct case.