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False Arrest

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Lawyers Handling False Arrest Claims in Illinois

The U.S. Constitution provides that people are to be free from unreasonable and illegal search and seizures. This includes false arrest. You have the right to be protected from false arrest by law enforcement. People that are alleging that they were falsely arrested can hire a Chicago False Arrest Attorney and file a lawsuit claiming that their right to be protected against unreasonable seizure was violated by the police. In order to make a lawful arrest, a Chicago Police officer must have probable cause to detain someone and must have reasonable suspicion that he or she committed a crime. This means that the police cannot just arrest you for any reason – they need to have actual suspicion that you have violated the law and if they didn’t then it is important that you contact a Chicago False Arrest Lawyer.

The state and federal laws preventing false arrest were established to protect United States citizens from being abused by law enforcement officials. Even if with these protections in place, false arrest still occurs. If you have been a victim of false arrest you should consult a Chicago False Arrest Attorney as soon as possible.

Chicago False Arrest Lawyer – Fighting for You Chicago False Arrest Attorney

Chicago False Arrest Lawyer Michael Schmiege helps individuals who were falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned or arrested illegally in violation of the U.S. Constitution. These are very difficult civil matters that require a thorough investigation and of the facts. Our Chicago false arrest lawyers consult with experts and investigators to create strong cases when there may have been an illegal arrest without probable cause.

We understand that being arrested is a traumatic event, especially if you feel that your rights have been violated. If you believe that the arresting police officer did not have a probable cause to arrest you, then you might be entitled to compensation. Even if a law enforcement officer felt that they were performing their duty correctly, if they had no legal basis for detaining you then your civil and constitutional rights may have been violated and it is time to contact a Chicago False Arrest Attorney.

Illegal Arrest – Chicago False Arrest Lawyer

There are several reasons that false arrest occurs, and knowing what constitutes false arrest will help recognize if your rights have been violated. Our cases have involved people who were falsely arrested because of:

  • Racial profiling
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Mistaken identity
  • False witness statements or misleading evidence
  • Malicious intent by an arresting officer, including manufacturing evidence

An arrest is much more than an inconvenience to you. It is an embarrassment that can affect your livelihood and reputation and freedom. If the false arrest alleged that you committed major sex offenses or other serious crimes, you may carry the stigma of that illegal arrest for many years, even if you were released, found not guilty and exonerated. If you were subjected to a false arrest, illegal arrest or false imprisonment, it is important to consult an experienced Chicago False Arrest Attorney to protect your civil rights.

With an experienced illegal arrest lawyer on your side, you will be able to fight against a false arrest that has negatively affected your life. Being arrested is a traumatic event that can destroy your personal and professional life. The only way to restore your good name after false arrest is to consult a Chicago illegal arrest attorney who can help you fight against arrests made without probable cause.

Chicago False Arrest Attorney Fighting for your Rights

If you or a loved one experienced a false arrest, contact our Chicago Police Misconduct law firm to schedule a no-cost consultation about your situation. It is important to act as quickly as possible to increase your chances of proving your claim in court. Your attorney needs time to review the police reports, talk to witnesses, and work to build your case. Choosing an experienced Chicago Police Misconduct attorney will increase your chances of proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the police officer who made the arrest acted without establishing probable cause.

If you or a loved one are the victim of police misconduct or civil rights violations it is important that you contact our Chicago Civil Rights Law Firm today. We are dedicated to helping you protect your civil rights. Call us at 312-626-2121 for a free consultation today so that we can explore your options.

Chicago False Arrest Lawyer Michael P. Schmiege litigates cases involving police misconduct, false arrest, illegal search and seizure, police brutality and police abuse throughout Illinois including the cities and Counties of Chicago, Cook County, DuPage, Will, and Lake as well as cities and counties all throughout Illinois. Chicago Civil Rights Lawyer Michael Schmiege will fight for your rights.

Often times a civil rights / police misconduct case will result from an arrest. If you have been arrested it is important that you contact an experienced Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer at once. Contact Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Michael P. Schmiege for a free consultation on your criminal case or police misconduct case.